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Avoid sleep while studying

How to avoid sleep while studying

Have you experienced that feeling of opening a book and falling asleep almost immediately? This happens particularly to students who are studying for an upcoming examination. It gets very irritating at the time and those who are trying to pass the exam constantly try for…

Couple sleeping Position

Couple Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

We are at our most vulnerable and open while we sleep, because we cannot control our body while we’re asleep. Our sleeping position has a lot to say about our personality and our relationship. Corrine Sweet, a relationship psychologist, says that couple’s sleeping positions say…

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What is World Sleep Day about?

Sleep is an elemental everyday activity that strengthens our bodies and sharpens our minds. Despite that, it’s also one of the most ignored essentials we take for granted today. Far too easily, people—specifically, the working class— get drawn in to the promise of hard…